Why do we do what we do when we do what we do...? -2 scoop (The Dove Shack)
That is the question. We have made this blog because this is what we want to do. We want to advocate the smaller audience of asian dramas, the male audience and our perspectives of DoRama's. We want to show we get just as giddy as the ladies when it comes to dorama's. We cry oceans as well. Our hearts break just the same! HAHAHAHAHA! So heres to the romantic in us all. HERES TO LOVE <3! HERES TO DORAMA"S!

\\J-Drama// and  _joe dOrama 

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queen in hyun’s man thank you for being the mouthwash for the remnants of ass that was left in my mouth from fashion king.

go mo wae yo

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TO Dorama Joe HBD

생일 축하해요


Happy Belated Birthday Dorama Joe!

I totally forgot to wish Dorama Joe a Happy Birthday yesterday. He has been the one really pulling more of the weight around here when it comes to posting new posts whether it be on here or facebook. So to Dorama Joe, Kamsahamnida and again Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good one. Oh and I will post the Top 3 ever so wonderful moments of We Got Married: Goguma Couple aka Yong and Hyun (Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa) very soon. 

What dorama’s are you guys watching?


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Gabe from The Office is a Doramaking

running through backed up episodes of the office, i hear this little gem…



even though there is no such thing as “cinderella girl”

[maybe they got confused with cinderella sister, or cinderella man.  and hyung tae from 9 ends 2 outs maybe?  wishfull thinking. -DJOE]

props to the writing staff of NBC.

Someone there must be an addict.


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eat-in doramas

only if life could be this grand.  fighting alongside jeremy lin, replenishing your stamina from precious meats from busted barrels.

as a crying bitchman, all thats on my mind while watching dramas is snatch, and food.  so when i see a tasty treat, my mouth begins to water,and I immediately turn to google to look up that man’s name.

hahahahaha.  eye kid.  here’s some memorable foods from some dramas ive seen….

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Drama tip #1

watch dramas at night!

dont let that shit ruin your day.  deal with the puffy eyes in the morning.  its better than feeling like your heart has been triangle choked into pieces.

-lesson learned from 9 ends 2 outs episode 15.  so underrated.  makes me feel like a Chang Sung Jung.


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Do-Ream High

doesnt that teaser look like shit?  what reason would i have to watch that drama judging from that cheesy teaser?

havent seen dream high 1 yet?

youre so stooopid..

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And the dorama with thee best title ever is?????? *DORUM RORR PAREASE*


Its a sweet (pun intended) but kinda cheesy yet a charming name for a dorama. Makes me wanna watch it. But then I saw how many episodes there was and I’m  like nevermind. Screw That! 135 EPISODES? Are you CRAY?  LOL!

Most k-drama’s are about 16-20+ episodes and I can barely keep up with them as it is. It looks good and it stars the cute Heo Young Ran. Is this dorama worth watching? Let us know. Also what are some other good dorama titles out there? Leave us a comment.

Any who heres the trailer for Sweet Palpitations.


I hope you guys had a good 2011. As the beginning of the new year, most people like to have  new years resolutions. Well I do as well. JORAMA DOE and I have REALLY BIG PLANS for this BLOG. I mean plans like no other dorama blogs out there. AND its gonna be CRAY (i dislike that word) LOL! HONTO I MEAN BIG PLANS. I can not wait for them to come together. I plan to post more posts as well and keep the facebook page more updated. Please stay tuned. Its only going to get better.  So heres to the romantic in us all. HERES TO LOVE <3! HERES TO DORAMA’S



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